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Danish West Indies
Record creator Government-General
Record Series Books of letters sent to the King
Content 1816 - 1826
(Alle billeder i serien):
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Folio number 74
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Main text non commissioned officer Nielsen and musketeer Søndag had offended by carelessness and that the one ought to be placed under arrest for 5 days and the other on water and bread for a like period. Since, according to the circumstances, there was nothing in this judgement requiring change, it was carried out.- Additionally, the commandant has, for the prevention of similar occurrences, taken several detail measures, which I have approved, although, as long as we have dark nights and non-watchful guards, local circumstances make it impossible to consider oneself entirely reassured. The case is now proceeding against the pirate James Martin and co-conspirators.-
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Report number 100
Date (DD-MM-YYYY) 03-05-1818
Copybook number 177
Main text Most humble report! In continuation of my most humble report dated the 20th of last month, I now have the honor to report that the frigate Minerva has again, by me, been sent to the Spanish coast by the attached order. The reasons which have compelled me to do so are as follows: By the commencement of unrest in Venezuela and Puerto Rico, St. Thomas commerce has been significantly lowered for Americans and others, and it is therefore necessary for the inhabitants as well as for Your Majesty’s Revenues, if possible, to find new approaches.- The Kingdom of Grenada, which is in a somewhat calm condition and sources a quite considerable quantity of goods from St. Thomas, does not, on account of the pirates, send silver to St. Thomas which is the market that especially convene the inhabitants of said kingdom, who are [now] sending [ships] to Jamaica where they purchase more expensive and inferior goods because English men of war regularly protect their vessels or take their silver onboard.- On the latest cruise made by the frigate, it was believed that, as a subordinated benefit, it could also contribute to the forwarding of silver to St. Thomas; but as this opportunity was completely unexpected, all shipments from the country were entirely designated for Jamaica, and an English naval brig received, while the frigate lay in St. Martha’s harbor, a considerable sum. All, however, expressed the wish that a Danish naval vessel might arrive toward the middle of May and return by which, they opined, a facility would come about for remission of significant capital to St. Thomas.- Since now, according to all the intelligence I have been able to gather, there is, for the moment, nothing to fear for the security of the islands, which,